Domeng Labordo

Award Winning Filipino
Painter & Visual Artist

                            ginintuang Bunga

Oil in Canvas 46 X 36 

 "Every artist dips his brush in his

own soul, 

& paints his own nature into his


- Henry Ward Beecher

Beauty and serenity is always reflected in the works of Domeng Labordo. His skillful depiction of women and children remind us of the works of the renaissance masters such as Botticelli and Titian all masters of grace, fines and soft beauty. Labordo is a Master of Monochromatic Hues that evoke nostalgia. He previously work as an artist in different companies here and abroad including the Arabian Central Co. in Jeddah,KSA until he seriously devoted himself to painting in 1986.


For Inquiries Please Contact:

M: +63 (929) 5670772 / +63 (916) 680-1041 

Tel No. +632 (428-5684)

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  • ""Yakap ng Pagmamahal (PASUSO)" This painting was among those brought by Joseph Clavita , also a good painter with a generous heart, at the Office of the City Prosecutor, City ..."
    Mary Joyce Masangkay
  • "your paintings are all wonderful sir domeng"
  • "Thank you for sharing this wonderful Work of Art Mang Domeng... Saludo ako sa inyo! "
    Filipino Talent